Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A little chat

'Ah, there you are!' said Camille.

'I just thought I'd give her highness a little sea room,' replied Captain Bill.

'Very wise' said Camille,'I myself thought you were very brave to tell the Queen about the pirate sheep escaping.'

'I'm afraid she didn't take the news very well.' replied Captain Bill.

'Indeed,' agreed Camille,'I was with Norma when you were telling 'er majesty and all we could 'ear was a lot of 'igh pitched, hysterical, girly screaming.'

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill,'.......sorry about that....she had my head in an arm lock.'

'Still it is all over now,' continued Camille.

'Mmm,' said Captain Bill,'I think the idea now is that we'll all stay together onboard the flagship and you'll get dropped off first.'

'Which mean you'll still get to see where myself and ma little students live.'

'I'm looking forward to it already!' replied Captain Bill.

'You could always stay a while if you wished?' suggested Camille.

'Well, very kind,' replied Captain Bill,'but I suspect the rest of the crew would be eager to get home.'

' could always stay a while on your own.' said Camille

And Captain Bill turned a rather fetching shade of pink.

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