Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The need to remain focused

'And then,' said Captain Bill, 'these people turned up, inspectors they called themselves.'

'Well look,' interrupted Camille, 'I'm like not objecting to 'earing your entire life story but I'm thinking now is maybe not the best time!'

'But the point is,' continued Captain Bill, 'the point is....'

'The point is we 'ave a pirate ship to capture!' said Camille.

'Erm?' said Captain Bill.

'There isn't no 'erming' about it,' said Camille, 'now 'ow do we make Monsieur Mootilus go faster? That's what I'd like to know!'

'You don't know?' asked Captain Bill.

'Why should I?' said Camille.

'Well you managed to put the sail up,' said Captain Bill, 'and you're steering.'

'Well any fool could manage that much!' mooed Camille.

'......Actually,' said Captain Bill.

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