Friday, 17 September 2010

Prizes for all!

'And so,' continued Queen Phoebe,'on behalf of his little class mates, Jean Claude will now accept this certificate of bravery which has been signed by my hubby...just there, that's his signature.....isn't it's just like the rest of him!'

And everyone agreed that it was a lovely signature.

'Right,' said Queen Phoebe,'is that it? Can we have cake now?'

At this point Captain Bill gave a small cough.

'Oh right,' said Queen Phoebe,'well if we have to!? In recognition of having fought a duel with the pirate captain...'

'With a lipstick!' called out Bertha.

'It still counts!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Well anyway,' said Queen Phoebe,'because of blah, blah, blah, you know the story. Here is a Royal scroll type thing what means you are now a proper captain again.'

Captain Bill took the Royal scroll type thing and everyone applauded.

'So do you really think that will be OK with the inspectors?' asked Norma.

'Oh we'll bung 'em a castle or some such,' replied Queen Phoebe, 'his regalness has got them coming out of his ears!'

And everyone gave another round of applause...and then had cake....well what was left of it....naughty Cyril!

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