Monday, 27 September 2010

Really quite a serious blog


Annie here! As Norma (my best friend) may have already pointed out, as we've got a bit of 'down time', we're having a gentle explore around Mr Sir King Very Rich Person's ship. Now it's very important that you don't view this as just a weak excuse for us to dress up in a few funny hats to pad out the week's blogs.....because that would just be so very, very, very wrong.

Anyway, here I am in a funny hat.

I don't know who's it is. Norma (still my best friend, little time has passed) thinks that it might belong to a general or a head Gardener (on a ship?). My suggestion that it could just be a part of a big dressing up box has been ignored. For fashion watchers, Geraldine is modelling some sort of nice long sleeved blue coat with braiding. With winter approaching I think I'll advise her to try to hang onto it.

Right, time to get on, thank you for your attention......tired now!


* Today's 'O's were by Royal Appointment....somewhere around 2.30 on a Wednesday afternoon.

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