Thursday, 23 September 2010

Royalty speaking...reward being offered

Right, are we all sitting uncomfortably? Good!

Queen Phoebe here and not wearing the happy face!

Really there used to be a time when One could lock up a load of villains and expect them to stay put!

Of course this'll be all over the papers for weeks! And who'll get the blame? My Hubbie that's who!

And he's such a dear sweet little thing. You know sometimes One likes to sit of an evening and just look at 'im.

Anyway enough of the shared private info.

The point is it's a knighthood or an earldom (your choice, not sure what the difference is, no cash alternative) for information received.

Thank you.

Actually, while I'm here, could I just remind you that nothing cheers his little Regalcrowness like a prezzie or several. So do be good subjects and send 'im something...right now....go on, off you go and don't forget to use some nice paper....and a bit of ribbon.

Your Queenie

PS Whatever tax you're paying, it wouldn't hurt to pay a bit more...usual address.

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