Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Taking care of your team

'And then I fought a duel!' continued Captain Bill.

'With a lipstick,' added Bertha.

'It still counts!' said Captain Bill. 'So I thought it would make a great subject for a poem.'

'Possibly?' replied Horace weakly.

'And you could write it!' suggested Captain Bill. 'It would make me.....and you of course, famous!'

'Yes!' agreed Horace. 'Just one last poem before I depart.'

'Are you going somewhere then?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'm dying,' gasped Horace.

'He got hit by a cushion,' said Bertha.

'Oh dear!' said Captain Bill.

'There's a slight bruise,' added Bertha.

Captain Bill leaned forward to take a look.

'Oh, I see it!' he said. 'It's just there!'

'OW!' mooed Horace.

'Sorry about that,' said Captain Bill, ' any chance then.....of a poem.'

'I'll think about it,' sighed Horace.

'Great!' said Captain Bill, '.....would you like me to get you a pencil?'

But Horace said he could drag himself across to where there was one....and everybody let him.

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