Saturday, 18 September 2010

When adventures end

'So that is it?' said Camille. 'The end of our adventure?'

'It always feels a bit sad when it happens,' replied Norma, 'but you soon get over it.'

'And then you 'ave another?' asked Camille.

'It seems to be that way,' said Norma.

'I don't think myself or ma little students could take so much excitement,' replied Camille., 'I think all we want to do now is go 'ome and rest our 'ooves in some long wet grass.'

'Well we still have the Mootilus,' said Norma, 'and the pirate balloon, so we can give you a lift if you would like?'

'That would be most welcome,' said Camille.

'But,' called out Bertha who was herding past them, 'I'm afraid that might have to wait a while.'

'But why?' asked Camille.

'Because,' replied Annie, 'before we go any further there's one thing that we simply have to do!'

'And that is?' asked Camille.

'PARTY!!!!!!!' mooed Norma.

And on the deck of King Otto's flagship, from absolutely nowhere, a gramophone appeared.

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