Friday, 3 September 2010

Who is chasing who?

Right, hello, Bertha speaking, I'm up here in the balloon, you might just be able to see me? I have to say it's a very nice balloon, these pirates have a real sense of design and build quality.

Anyway where doing our best to go as fast as possible...bit difficult in a balloon....which means the pirate sheep are catching us up! Now I'm all for turning around and taking them on...which as Norma pointed out is also a bit difficult to do when you're in a balloon. But rest assured if it comes to a fight I'll be there! Thankfully Camille's little students are as brave a herd as one could wish for and we'll be fully able to count on them as well. Just so long as it doesn't coincide with their nap time.

I can also report that the Mootilus is on her way, trailing in 3rd place but with a sail up and going in the right direction...I'll leave you to decide what help that might be!!!

Well what ever happens now, we'll give a good account of ourselves!

Take care


(back on Monday)

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