Thursday, 16 September 2010

Your non roving reporter

He's been sitting this one out.

You've been wondering where he is???

But now he's back! The one....the only.........

Iiiitttttttttttttt'ssssssssssss CYRILLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

Morning fans!

I've been having a siesta...did I miss anything??

No doubt my chums will soon bring me up to speed. I suspect there may be more than one version, there usually is in these matters. My money 's on Norma's account being accurate and little Annie's being bizarre but entertaining

I notice the arrival of King Otto's flagship. Will there be a well stocked galley onboard? I suspect there will be! So perhaps it's time for me to take a short paddle. A danger to shipping I realise but still...needs must! And with this many stomachs I really do have needs.

Until we eat again

Your squeeze

Sir Cyril of Beachfordshire

1 comment:

baahar said...

Ha ha .. love his hat :)