Thursday, 21 October 2010

1,000th blog today!

'Oh!' said Norma, 'this is soooo kind of you!'

'Well ma little students made the banner,' replied Camille, 'so now if you arrange yourselves I will take a photograph.'

So Norma, Bertha, Annie, Captain Bill, Horace and Cyril arranged themselves and Geraldine picked up a pointy stick.

'And also there is a cake,' added Camille.

'Shall I look after it?' suggested Cyril.

'I think we'll keep it down here,' replied Bertha.

'Can I come down there then?' asked Annie.

'Soon,' replied Norma.

'I could write a poem about it,' added Horace.

'Not just now!' mooed Bertha.

'So what next?' asked Captain Bill.

'You really aught to say something,' said Norma.

So Captain Bill thought very deeply.

'Well,' he said at last, 'to all our readers, whether you've read 1 blog or 1,000, thank you. Without you....well we'd still be here but it wouldn't be the same. We hope you've enjoyed our adventures and we hope you'll continue to do so.'

'And send more cake!' added Cyril.

And just for once everyone agreed.


baahar said...

Huge congrats !!

Love the cows and Geraldine and even the pirate sheep.

Tina Mammoser said...

yay! Happy Blogday! :) *hugs all the cows including Cyril though that kind of takes 2 hugs to get 'round him*

Anonymous said...

we're all looking forward to the next thousand :)) *sends celebratory trifle*