Thursday, 7 October 2010

Back to school

Camille stood looking across a very overgrown classroom.

'Now I'm thinking that telling the caretaker not to bother too much until we got back was a bit of an administrative error!' she declared.

'I'm sure we can help to get things sorted out,' suggested Captain Bill.

'CYRIL!' called Bertha.

'Already onto it!' munched Cyril.'Has anyone got any salt?'

But they didn't.

'Still it's clearly a lovely school,' suggested Norma.

'I like to think so,' mooed Camille,'and unless little Jean Claude has suddenly grown a lot, I think I can safely say that 'e 'as found ma desk!'

And indeed he had.

'Right,' continued Camille,'all we need to do now is locate the books and pencils and ma register and everything will be, 'ow you say, all ship shape.'

'Burp!' burped Cyril.

'Hmm,' said Norma,'I fear we might have just lost the register!'

'Burp!' burped Cyril for a 2nd time.

'And the pencils,' added Horace.

'Oh 'eck!' said Camille,'stop 'im before 'e gets to the desk!'

And, despite the risk, Bertha threw herself in the way and with a well placed prod of a horn managed to turn Cyril.

'Thank you!' mooed Camille,'but I think I may need a bit of a sit down.'

So that is what she did.

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