Monday, 18 October 2010

Bad after taste

'So did I do anything really embarrassing?' asked Norma.

Horace thought about it.

'Define embarrassing?' he said at last.

'Oooooooh!' replied Norma.

And for a while she lay in the soft, soft grass.

'So did I sing?'

'For a bit,' replied Horace,'...but Camille didn't know how to translate some of the words.'

'Phew!' exclaimed Norma,'by the way,' she added, 'thanks for getting me out of there.'

'Actually,' replied Horace, 'you sort of got yourself out. It was when Camille suggested you might give the bottle back and you refused and then ran off with it. I just tagged along.'

And for a while Norma closed her eyes and thought kind thoughts.

'Perhaps I should just stick to water for a while?' she suggested.

Horace agreed.

And for a while Norma thought about how she was going to apologise to Camille and Captain Bill.

But luckily for Norma, Captain Bill was otherwise occupied.

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