Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Being open and honest

'But I don't mind, I don't mind at all,' said Horace.

'I just thought it would be a nice souvenir,' replied Norma, 'and it'll keep my horns toasty warm.'

'I think it's very nice,' said Horace.

'Not too touristy?' asked Norma.

'No, no!' replied Horace.

'It was quite reasonable,' assured Norma.

'It doesn't matter,' replied Horace, 'I mean it's only 1 hat. It's not as if you broke and went mad and bought every single hat in the shop in some sort of manic frenzied buying stampede.'

'Oh look!' mooed Norma, 'that's a nice tree!'

'Sorry?' said Horace.

'That tree over there in the distance...in that direction....it's....very...............nice....pleasedon'tturnaroundthankyoumustbegoing!'

And Norma hurried away.

'Bertha bought some as well!' she called back over her tail. as Horace looked at, what appeared to be, a very ordinary tree.

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