Monday, 25 October 2010

Buying a Winter Hat

'I'm just not sure that it's me!' mooed Norma.

'But it's soooo this season,' replied Camille.

Norma had another look in the mirror.

'I was really just after something to keep my horns warm,' she said.

Camille raised her eyes.

'Ma dear Norma, I'm like wondering 'ow you ever get to buying anything with that sort of attitude!'

'It's just,' said Norma, 'well I've had trouble in the past, so I'm trying to be sensible and it does seem rather expensive.'

'Well it can only be expensive if it is for someone who is not worth it!' pointed out Camille, 'and you Norma are more worth it than just about anyone else I know! So if you want my advice, which I'm like giving for free anyway, that Captain Bill can just jolly well pay up and be grateful 'e's got you on the team!'

'Oh, I couldn't ask Captain Bill to pay,' replied Norma.

' 'orace then,' said Camille, 'let's be honest we all know what's going on there!'

Norma blushed a little.

'Perhaps I should try on a couple more,' she suggested.

'Well you know it's only a very small island,' replied Camille, 'so I'm afraid there's only another 15 'at shops.'

'15!!!!' mooed Norma and Bertha.

And so with Camille apologising for the lack of choice Norma and Bertha followed on.

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