Saturday, 16 October 2010

Enjoying wine

'Ah! So 'ere you are!' mooed Camille.

'Just having a little look around,' replied Captain Bill.

'Excellent,' said Camille, 'only I was 'oping, if you could spare a moment?'

'Of course,' replied Captain Bill, 'just name the task.'

'Well,' began Camille, 'it's like this, now don't get me wrong because I really like Norma.'

'Don't we all!' said Captain Bill.

'Indeed,' continued Camille, 'but I have told 'er like eleventy billion times already, that when you are at a wine tasting you 'ave just a little glass and you 'ave to spit it out.'

'Really?' asked Captain Bill.

'Oh yes!' confirmed Camille.

'And just what part of that is Norma having trouble with?' said Captain Bill.

'Well mostly,' replied Camille,'...all of it!'

'So she's got a large glass?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Oh no!' replied Camille, 'by the time I left 'er she'd already decided that it was quicker to just swig it out of the bottle.'

'Right,' sighed Captain bill and he sighed heavily.

'But I really do like 'er,' said Camille.

'Good job really,' replied Captain bill.

And so Camille led the way and Captain Bill followed on behind.

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