Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The gentle art of ambling

'What did he say?' asked Cyril.

'He didn't,' replied Horace.

'Right,' said Cyril.

'I did ask but he just shrugged his horns,' continued Horace.

'Right,' said Cyril.

'And then I asked him about the nearest publisher and he gave exactly the same response.'

'Can't say that bothers me quite so much,' replied Cyril.

'So what do we do now?' asked Horace.

Cyril looked around him.

'Have you seen any pointy sticks?' he asked.

'Errrrrrrrm.....no!' replied Horace.

'Right,' said Cyril again,'well I'd suggest that you have a wander around and see if you can find a good restaurant.'

'Why does it have to be me?' asked Horace.

Cyril was just about to explain that it was because Horace was closer when Norma herded up to them.

'Come on!' she said, 'Camille wants to show us around somewhere.'

'Is it a library?' asked Horace.

'No,' replied Norma,'...but I think we'll all enjoy it anyway.' and with that she hurried on.

'So what is it?' called out Cyril after her.

'A local vineyard!' shouted Norma over her tail.

And despite his size Cyril showed a remarkable turn of speed.

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