Friday, 15 October 2010

How to approach wine

'OK, so 'e says that you are all very welcome and 'e's very 'appy because today 'e's already 'ad like a really important guest arrive,' explained Camille.

Cyril?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Comte Cyril of Wineshire 'as indeed arrived,' confirmed Camille, 'and the owner 'ere says 'e was particularly impressed because Monsieur Comte was closely followed by 'is butler!'

'Geraldine!' mooed Bertha.

'I feel I may have been outwitted,' added Norma.

'It would be an easy mistake to make,' said Captain Bill.

'So I'm wondering what advice you might all 'ave for myself,' asked Camille, 'should I die of embarrassment now or 'ang on for a bit?'

'Tricky?' replied Captain Bill.

But Bertha and Norma both said that they'd been embarrassed by Cyril on numerous occasions and they'd both survived and that the best thing to do was to press on regardless.

So, rather reluctantly, that's what Camille did.

'So now we will 'ead off to the tasting room,' she said.

'So just how many wines do we get to taste?' asked Norma as they herded along.

And Camille mentioned a figure.

'Oh, that many!' mooed Norma.

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