Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How to arrive home

'Ah!' said Camille,''ome at last!'

'Yes,' replied Captain Bill, 'well anyone can make a simple error.'

'Well honestly!' continued Camille, 'like 'ow can you get lost that close to shore?'

'Actually a lot of islands are on wheels these days,' explained Captain Bill, 'and in a strong wind...'

'But we were like only 5 minutes away and it took us 4 hours!'

'Aggressive waves?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Hmm,' replied Camille,'anyway I suppose we made it eventually.'

'I imagine you'll want to be contacting the parents of all your little students?' said Norma.

Camille stopped and looked at Norma.

'Are you kidding? That sort of trouble I can well do without! I was thinking maybe I'll just carry on and 'ope they just don't notice that we're 3 months late getting back...it's worked in the past! But anyway, before anything else, I 'ave an important civic duty to perform. So nibble a bit of grass and I'll be back quicker than you can say, 'ard a starboliboard!'

And with that Camille hurried on ahead.

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