Thursday, 28 October 2010

Less moaning please

Morning all!

Right, let's have no more time wasted with chat about hats. There's simply no point at all in a few men* getting in a tizz because Norma and myself took it upon ourselves to purchase a few. If a lady can't treat herself from time to time etc, etc.

Anyway there's far more important things to be getting on with.

As has already been mentioned we'll be setting off for home soon. We're just loading the Mootilus and rounding up the bodies. Annie seems to have acquired a small library of books from who knows where and Cyril's wine purchases will need to be stowed away.

Our departure will also mean that Ms Camille will be able to get on with educating her little students. School trips are all well and good but they've been out of the classroom for far too long. I've suggested extra homework for the next couple of months so they can catch up.

Right, must be getting on


* term used with caution.

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