Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monsieur Mayor

'OK!' said Camille,'so like this certificate is to say, thank you, for rescuing us and the other is so our island is now officially twinned with your island.'

'Twinned?' asked Captain Bill.

'It means we both get to put up a sign which nobody reads and you get 10% off in a couple of gift shops,' confirmed Camille.

'Wonderful!' said Captain Bill.

'Also Monsieur Mayor wishes me to say 'ow pleased 'e is to meet you all but don't go expecting any slap up banquet because frankly the money for that sort of thing flew south a long time ago.'

'Not a problem,' reassured Captain Bill.

'Speak for yourself!' called out Cyril.

And with that Monsieur Mayor kissed everyone on both cheeks and wandered off towards the town.

'I must say,' said Norma,'that was a wonderful welcome.'

'Well to be honest,' replied Camille,'we don't get that many visitors. Also I told 'im that Captain Bill was a famously brave, ocean going, sea captain....and I left out all the numptiness.'

'Oh, that was kind!' said Norma.

'I thought it would be for the best,' said Camille,'and besides I've got a job review coming up soon and at this rate I'm going to need every bit of 'elp I can muster!'

And Camille suggested that everyone should go and have a look at 'er little school.

So they did.

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