Saturday, 2 October 2010

'ome at last

'And that bit there, that is where we used to 'ave picnics,' said Camille and she indicated a small cliff above a beach.

'Used to?' asked Captain Bill.

'We 'ad to stop after Jean Claude fell off it,' replied Camille. 'Luckily the tide was in. I gave 'im an A* for 'is 'omework and we said no more about it.'

'It looks lovely!' said Norma.

'It is,' replied Camille,'and it 'as like the prettiest little 'arbour that you ever could 'ope for.'

'It's a pity we can't go into it,' said Bertha.

'Has the strike been going on for long?' asked Norma.

'I don't really know,' replied Camille,'I've only been living 'ere for 3 years.'

'Still we can row ashore,' suggested Bertha.

'I'll think we'll 'ave to!' mooed Camille.

And for a while everyone just stood and watched as they sailed towards the island. Slowly they began to make out the houses and trees and a fine beach of clear pale yellow sand.

'Ah!' said Camille,''ome at last!'

And her little students waved their tails in excitement.

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