Monday, 4 October 2010

Parting from Royalty

'Right, well thanks for...whatever?' said Queen Phoebe. 'Sorry we can't stop but his Regalness simply must be getting along!'

And Queen Phoebe gave an order for several of her servants to wave goodbye for her.

'Why do I have the feeling we've outstayed our welcome?' said Captain Bill.

'I'm sure she means well,' said Norma,'it can't be very easy being a royal personage.'

But at that moment Bertha asked if everyone could move up a bit. So everyone moved up a bit and Norman lowered away another little student.

'I'm afraid the Mootilus wasn't really built to hold this many,' explained Captain Bill.

'Still it won't be for long,' added Norma.

And Norman lowered away yet another little student.

'I must say it's very lucky that Monsieur Norman is 'ere to 'elp,' said Camille.

'Although there is...' began Norman.

'...more to an elephant...' continued Horace.

'...than just a trunk!' finished Bertha.

And with that the last student arrived in the Mootilus. Then everybody waved at each other and Annie gave Norman's trunk one last hug, King Otto's flagship sailed away and the Mootilus headed towards the shore.

Well, sort of towards.

It went in roughly the right direction.

Sort of.

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