Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The problems of being a connoisseur

'But I didn't do anything wrong!' said Cyril.

'You told them you were a Count!' mooed Captain Bill.

'...Slip of the tongue,' replied Cyril, 'besides...no harm done.'

'But you're always doing it!' continued Captain Bill. 'Why couldn't you just...not do it?'

'Just seems to add a certain something,' replied Cyril.

'Six months if you get found out!' suggested Captain Bill.

'Never!' replied Cyril. 'Anyway I made a few purchases, that's all they're bothered about.'

'Hmmm,' said Captain Bill, 'and how exactly did you pay for them?'

Cyril looked hurt.

'If this causes Ms Camille any problems!' said Captain Bill.

But Cyril promised him that it wouldn't.

'It's just a few bottles,' he added.

Captain Bill glanced across at the case and then at Cyril and then turned and herded away.

'I'm having the rest delivered,' muttered Cyril after he'd left.

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