Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sailing and Wondering

'But I distinctly said hard a starboliarboliboard!' mooed Captain Bill.

'I know, I heard you!' replied Norma.

'But you turned to Port!'

No,' replied Norma.

'Look we're not starting all of this again,' continued Captain Bill,'I'll think you'll find that I know what I'm talking about. I am, after all, a fully qualified, heroic, duel fighting Captain!'

'Has anyone seen my lipstick?' asked Bertha.

'Shut up!' mooed Captain Bill.

And so for a while the crew sailed on in silence.

'Still,' said Norma eventually,'it was a very good adventure.'

'Oh yes!' agreed Bertha, 'but I can't help wondering what became of the pirate sheep?'

'Yes,' replied Norma, 'I've been thinking about them as well.'

'And me!' added Horace.

Norma nudged Cyril.

'Hmmm? Oh, whatever!' said Cyril.

'I like Pengimings!' said Annie.

And Norma sighed and wondered if she couldn't have a couple of weeks off.

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