Friday, 22 October 2010

A slight misunderstanding about cake

Well I suppose it will take a while,' said Norma, 'I mean people don't just have them laying around and then there's the packing them up and posting them ...there's quite a bit involved.'

'But they promised!' mooed Annie.

'Not strictly true,' replied Norma.

'Tis!' said Annie.

'No,' replied Norma,'what happened was that Cyril asked, which he shouldn't really have done and anyway you did have a two large slices yesterday and extra icing.'

'But I like cake!' said Annie.

'We all do,' replied Norma,'and when we get home I promise that we'll make some and you can help.'

'And Geraldine?' asked Annie.

'And Geraldine,' confirmed Norma,'but right now, speaking of home, that's where we need to be heading. Captain Bill wants us to be off soon.'

Annie stood for a while.

'I'll be back,' she said at last and then headed off inland.

Norma watched her go and then wondered whether there was ever any point in trying to organise people.

And decided that there wasn't.

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