Friday, 8 October 2010

Staff only please

'You know,' said Camille, 'it's very kind of Bertha to volunteer to look after ma little students for a while.'

'She's pretty used to telling people what to do,' replied Norma.

'And it means we get to 'ave a chat,' added Camille. 'Do 'elp yourself to another biscuit by the way and if you want a salad or some flowers there's plenty in the fridge.'

'It seems to be a very well equipped staff room,' replied Norma.

'Indeed!' agreed Camille,'I always think if you're going to dedicate your entire life to the education of little students you 'ave a duty to ensure that you look after yourself as well. Just so as to be in tip top teaching condition of course.'

'So that would be a new fridge then?' said Norma.

'I put it down as essential gym equipment,' replied Camille,'I got Etienne to vault over it when it arrived so strictly speaking, I'm well in the clear.'

'And the bed?' asked Norma.

'You mean the emergency sick room?' suggested Camille.

'Possibly?' replied Norma.

'I opted for the King Sized Comfy Supreme because you never know when several little students might feel ill at the same time,' explained Camille.

'I see!' said Norma.

'You want me tell you 'ow I justified ma 'andbag collection?' asked Camille.

'No! No!' replied Norma,'I'm fine!' and she rapidly moved the conversation on to the subject of somewhere that the cows might visit.

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