Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Today is about tomorrow

'So I think it's really just a question of us having different customs and things,' suggested Captain Bill.

Camille thought about it.

'I suppose so,' she said at last, 'anyway I 'ave apologised to the owner.'

'Actually we used to carry a sort of form letter,' remembered Captain Bill.

'I need to get some more printed,' mooed Bertha.

'Sorry!' added Norma.

'Accepted,' replied Camille, 'and to be honest the owner said it was worth it for the sales.'

'So no harm done!' said Captain Bill.

'Well I wouldn't go that far,' replied Camille, 'but now I 'ave to ask you please to follow me.'

'To where?' asked Captain Bill.

'Not far,' replied Camille.

'What for?' asked Bertha.

'It's a surprise,' replied Camille, 'but it is most important that you are all there, so you 'ad better go get Cyril and 'orace and Annie and little Geraldine.'

So Bertha and Captain Bill rounded up the others and Norma leaned her head against a tree and nibbled a bit of grass.

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