Friday, 29 October 2010

Trying to leave

'So you must all take care and wrap up warm and try to avoid too much numptyness,' said Camille.

'I think I can speak for all of us when I say I'm sure we can manage the first two,' replied Captain Bill.

'And once again ma self and ma little students and Monsieur Former Mayor wish to thank you for saving us from the tiny 'ooves of the wicked pirate sheep,' continued Camille.

'Former Mayor?' asked Norma.

' 'e's like retired already,' explained Camille.

'Oh, I see!' said Norma.

'And you must all come back and pay us a proper visit,' said Camille.

'We will,' replied Bertha.

'And Annie dear,' said Camille, 'you will be just perfect I am sure!'

And Annie did a quick dance, which isn't easy on a small boat.

And with that Camille gave the Mootilus a push and all the minimoos waved their tails.

On the Mootilus everyone waved and cheered and then waved and cheered again...and then did a bit more waving and cheering and then faced up to the fact that the boat was back on the beach.

'Hmmm?' said Captain Bill.

'Well if you'd put up the sail!' mooed Bertha.

'Oh, blame me!' replied Captain Bill.

'Already the numptyness,' sighed Camille and she hurried her little students away from the beach.

'Perhaps if we put up the sail?' suggested Captain Bill.

And Bertha hit him.

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