Monday, 8 November 2010

And the next candidate is?

'Well it's just a bit embarrassing,' bleated Flossie.

'Looked a very good candidate on paper,' said Lefty.

'Doesn't count for much if they don't show up though,' replied Flossie.

'Suppose so,' said Lefty.

'I mean what's the point of applying if you can't be bothered to turn up for the interview?' said Flossie, '.....and we're starting to lose the audience, they don't like that sort of thing.'

'Could get Mum back?' suggested Lefty.

'No, that's OK,' replied Flossie, '.......kind thought though.'

'So?' asked Lefty.

Flossie scratched himself.

'Maybe we should wait a bit longer?' he replied.

'We...we could always keel haul them,' said Lefty,' for turning up late.'

Flossie considered it.

'Bit self defeating,' he said at last, 'waiting for them all this time and then keel hauling them.'

'Crowd pleaser though,' pointed out Lefty.

'Not sure we'll get the chance,' sighed Flossie, 'perhaps best if we move on to the next one...can't get any worse.'

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