Saturday, 13 November 2010

And the winners are?

'I could get her to do it later on,' suggested Lefty, 'she won't mind.'

'No, no,' replied Flossie, 'wouldn't want to bother her.'

'She has taken them in the past,' said Lefty,'only this time in the afternoon, you know, she likes her naps.'

'Seriously,' replied Flossie,'not a problem, glad to have her here. So if we move on and if Slightly Threatening Dave and Harriet could just raise their right hooves and repeat after me.'

So Slightly Threatening Dave and Harriet swore an oath and became official members of what was quite possibly the most dangerous pirate flock on the high seas.

'Right!' said Flossie, 'well lads....and lasses, I think I can safely say we're there! Flock complete, speaking parts assigned, the world awaits. Let the word go out, no ship is safe, no safe either...perhaps I should have rehearsed this? Never mind, onwards me hearties, onwards without fear, onwards towards a new dawn!'

'Although obviously in a non running, safety conscious environment, 'added Lefty.

'Taken the words right out of my mouth,' said Flossie.

'So who do I speak to about pension contributions?' asked Harriet.

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