Friday, 12 November 2010

Assessing the Candidates

'You're serious?' asked Flossie.

'Just want to do things properly,' replied Lefty.

'But it's a fish!' said Flossie.

'I know,' replied Lefty, 'but if it was a parrot?'

'But it isn't!' said Flossie.

'Principal of the thing,' replied Lefty.

Flossie thought about it.

'OK!' he said, 'we'll score the goldfish separately. Now can we move on?'

And so they did.

'Dave?' asked Lefty.

'Think we're all eating from the same meadow there,' replied Flossie and Hooky tapped in agreement.

'Harriet?' said Lefty.

And again all hooves were raised.

'Mum?' said Lefty.

Hooky tapped.

'No, 'replied Lefty, 'no sign of them yet.'

'Still,' said Flossie,' she's in as far as I'm concerned.'

'Just part time,' reminded Lefty.

'Just part time,' agreed Flossie.

And so the meeting went on.

And the goldfish was accepted....pending suitable references.

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