Monday, 22 November 2010

The Burden of Heroics

'But,' began Captain Bill, 'would we be better off just pausing for a while and asking ourselves, do we really need to do this?

'Yes we do,' replied Bertha. 'Off you go!'

Captain Bill hesitated.

'It might just ...wash ashore?' he suggested.

'No,' replied Bertha, 'it's the Mootilus, it's sunk, it needs a rope attaching to you go!'

'Why me?' asked Captain Bill.

'Because you're a brave, heroic, duel fighting captain,' replied Bertha. 'Off you go!'

'Cyril would have more buoyancy.'

'But I need Cyril to help to pull it ashore,' replied Bertha. 'Off you go!'

'And why have you tied the rope around my neck?' asked Captain Bill.

'You wouldn't want to drop it halfway,' replied Bertha, 'that would be a waste of everyones you go!'

'But?' began Captain Bill.

'It's getting very close to pointy stick time,' warned Bertha.

So Captain Bill went forward and dipped a hoof into the water.

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