Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dave..the Pirate Sheep

'Well, yes I grant you,' bleated Flossie, 'I grant you it's factually accurate but will it inspire fear and trembling in the opposition?'

'I take your point,' replied Lefty and he took back the form from Flossie and crossed out 'Small Dave'.

'So what have we had so far?' asked Flossie.

'Erm,' said Lefty, 'Small Dave, Vicious Dave, Slightly Threatening Dave...'

'Quite like that last one,' said Flossie.

'Bit long though,' suggested Lefty and Hooky tapped in agreement.

'And I believe you've taken steps in the image department?' continued Flossie.

'Well I've given him a hat,' said Lefty.

Flossie considered the hat.

'Bit big!'

'Smallest we've got,' replied Lefty, 'and I've given him a rapier.'

'Oh!' bleated Flossie, 'bit dangerous that! What if he runs with it?'

'Not sure he'll be able to,' replied Lefty.

'I can lift it!' said Dave.

'Hmmmmm,' said Flossie, 'well let's go with Slightly Threatening, keep the hat and lose the rapier.'

'Will do,' replied Lefty.

'Right,' said Flossie, 'who's next?'

And Lefty shifted slightly uneasily in his fleece.

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baahar said...

I wonder what they are up to