Thursday, 11 November 2010

From the job agency...

'No really,'asked Flossie, 'what's the point in using an agency when they do this to you?'

'To be honest we didn't specify a species,' replied Lefty.

'I said flock!' bleated Flossie, 'I told them, pirate flock seeks new members, good speaking voice an advantage.'

'True!' replied Lefty.

Hooky tapped on the table.

'Well I don't know!' replied Flossie. 'Swarm probably! My point is it's clearly not flock...who ever heard of a flock of Giraffes?'

'Could make a useful lookout?' suggested Lefty.

'Clutching at straws,' replied Flossie. 'If you ask me this whole 2nd week has been a complete fiasco!'

'It's not been the best,' conceded Lefty.

'I mean what would we do if he mutinied? We'd never be able to hang him!'

Lefty looked up at the Giraffe.

'Sorry,' he said.

'How tiresome,' replied the Giraffe.

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