Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Great Christmas Tree Selection

'I really am very sorry about this,' said Norma, 'but if we don't start now...'

'That's OK,' replied Annie.

'It's just, you know I've never been any good at this,' continued Norma.

'You need to have the right ears,' replied Annie, 'if you don't have the right ears you don't stand much chance at all.'

And so for a while Norma and Annie herded along.

Until eventually they reached, what seemed to be, the right place.

'Right,' said Norma, 'well what about that one?'

Annie went towards a particularly fine looking specimen.

'Hello Mr Tree,' she mooed, 'can we borrow you for Christmas?'

'Well?' asked Norma.

'No!' replied Annie, 'it's going to be busy.'

'Really?' said Norma.

'Family commitments,' replied Annie.

'Pity,' said Norma and they moved on a little way.

'Hello Mr Tree,' said Annie, 'can we borrow you for Christmas?'

But it was already booked.

'I've a feeling this could take a while,' said Norma.

And Annie nodded in agreement.

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