Saturday, 6 November 2010

Half time

'Well, you know, what can I say, so far, so good. I'm very pleased to have the young lad Dave onboard. He looks a bit special, very quick up front. I think he could be a real asset to the squad.

As for Mrs Lefty senior, more of a defensive role I think, but very solid, one of those pirates who you know you can depend on in a tight situation. Perhaps her fitness isn't what it once was but the experience that she brings with her more than makes up for that.

And then there's Harriet, bit of an unknown quantity really, not sure what her boarding skills will be like but the goldfish is clearly at home in an ocean going environment and that's always going to be a plus point.

But we have to remember that we're only halfway through, there's still a long way to go but if the money's there and we can continue to invest I see no reason why we can't become the terror of the high seas and after that well who knows?'

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