Tuesday, 9 November 2010

How to win that job

'And after that I personally lead the team that was responsible for overseeing the re-rigging of the Jolly Mutton which resulted in a 2.7563 knot per hour increase in the overall average weather cruising speed which was credited as the main reason for the successful capture of several high value vessels in the following six month period. After that I was promoted to first mate a position which I found to be both challenging and rewarding and within which I undertook a series of accredited courses where I acquitted myself with such distinction that I was awarded the first mate of the month cup a trophy which I have subsequently won on a further 4 occasions which has placed me well in lead for first mate of the year an annual prize which would normally only be considered for a first mate with at least 5 years 'in position' experience but which I have been put forward for after only 10 months which I feel does give a very clear indication of the calibre of the work which I am capable of delivering on a continual basis although I do accept that I still have a considerable amount to learn although this has not stopped several highly respected pirate flocks from already making approaches to me with a view to replacing their own first mate with the option of captaincy within the normal period subject to performance review. I have however decided to apply for this position....'

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