Friday, 5 November 2010

Introducing Harriet

'Sooooooooooooo,' began Flossie, 'why do you want to be a pirate?'

'I've just always wanted to be one,' replied Harriet.

'Right,' said Flossie and he made a note, 'and that would be a...'

'Goldfish,' said Harriet.

'Hmmm,' said Flossie, 'and the reaso...'

'I couldn't find a parrot.' explained Harriet.

'Right,' said Flossie.

'Shows initiative,' whispered Lefty.

Flossie glanced at Hooky, who just shrugged his shoulders. meanwhile Lefty slipped a note across the table.

Flossie read it.

'Oh, good question!' he said. 'Does it talk?'

'Not really,' replied Harriet.

'Pity,' said Flossie.

'We could teach him,' suggested Lefty, '...would help to give the flock a feeling of mystery.'

'I will keep looking for a parrot.' added Harriet.

'Well then,' said Flossie,' you're through to the next round!'

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baahar said...

Love the back view :)