Tuesday, 23 November 2010

It's a Vocation

'A TEACHER!' mooed Norma.

Annie nodded.

'I think there's quite a bit involved.' continued Norma.

'You have to take things from your head and put them into other people's heads,' said Annie.

'Well....yes,' replied Norma, 'but I think you have to be very careful as to which things.'

'Camille said she'd never met anyone with more things in their head than me,' said Annie.

'Quite possibly true,' replied Norma, 'it's just....well.'

'I know what you're thinking,' said Annie, 'you're thinking that if I take all the things in my head and put them into other people's heads then my head will be empty.'

'It would be a concern,' agreed Norma.

'But if I make a copy of what I'm teaching and then eat it at the end of the day I'll still have it!' mooed Annie and she did a little dance.

'Erm,' replied Norma, 'possibly....anyway perhaps you could have a good look around inside your head and see if you have anything that would help to get Geraldine down.'

So Annie did just that.

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