Thursday, 4 November 2010


Flossie coughed.

Then coughed a bit louder.

'Mum!' said Lefty,'...Mum!'

Flossie busied himself with one of his eyepatches.

'Sorry about this,' said Lefty, 'it's the batteries.'

Hooky tapped several times on the desktop.

'No, no' replied Flossie, 'I think he means in the hearing aid.'

'Mum!' shouted Lefty, '...she's not normally this bad,' he added.

'No problem,' replied Flossie, 'no rush.'

'It's just part time by the way,' said Lefty.

'Hmm?' said Flossie.

'Just part time for mum, that's all she's looking for.'

'Fine!' replied Flossie.

'She served under Black Bob you know,' continued Lefty.

'Never!' said Flossie.

'True,' said Lefty, 'course she wasn't much more than a lamb back then.'

'So was it true then?' asked Flossie, 'you know, what they said about Bob.'

Lefty shook his head.

'She's never said, I've never asked.'

'Understandable,' replied Flossie.

'Mum!' yelled Lefty.

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