Thursday, 25 November 2010

Penguin Rescue Device...Patent Pending

'No I wasn't saying it was a bad idea,' mooed Norma, 'I was just saying that the commercial openings for an emergency penguin rescue ladder might be a bit limited.'

'A 'biodegradable' emergency penguin rescue ladder,' corrected Annie.

'Of course,' replied Norma, 'but I still think it might be best to hold off from full scale production until you've more thoroughly tested the market.'

'Hmm,' said Annie, 'perhaps you're right. Anyway, I probably wouldn't have enough time to run a large multinational and be a teacher at the same time.'

'I suspect it would have to be one or the other,' replied Norma.

'Unless I taught the minimoos how to make them. Ms Camille said that you can do that sort of thing and pass it off as some kind of after school club.'

'I'm not sure that would be legal,' replied Norma.

'Perhaps I should ask my lawyer?' said Annie.

'You do know Cyril isn't a real lawyer don't you?' asked Norma.

'But he's got certificates,' mooed Annie, 'I know because I helped him print them...he even let me sign a couple of them.'

Norma sighed.

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