Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pirate Sheep required...apply within

'No, no, you have to ask them all the same questions and you can't ask them their age,' confirmed Lefty.

'Go on?' said Flossie.

'Honest,' replied Lefty.

'Well,' said Flossie, 'good job we dropped the swimsuit section then.'

'Lads were mighty relieved,' said Lefty.

'Right,' continued Flossie, 'best if we press on. So if someone could please show in the first contestant.'

'Contestant?' asked Lefty.

'Thought it added a certain something,' replied Flossie, 'made it a bit more competitive.'

'He's here!' called out a sheep from the audience.

Flossie looked out from across the desk.

'Ah!' he said.

'Can't have a minimum height either,' whispered Lefty.

Flossie sighed.

'Morning,' he said.

'Morning,' said Dave.

1 comment:

Ian said...

Why would anyone wish to impose a minimum height?