Monday, 1 November 2010

So what did happen to the Pirate Sheep?

'Which lads,' concluded Flossie, 'makes that just about the most comprehensive and frank explanation of what happened to us as any sheep could possibly hope to give or receive.'

As one the flock bleated it's delight in agreement.

'And also,' continued Flossie, 'I think it goes a very long way to helping to justify why we've been given our own blogs over the next couple of weeks.'

But at this point, instead of giving their agreement the flock remained surprisingly silent.

'Lads are a bit worried,' bleated Lefty.

'Worried?' asked Flossie.

'Lads feel it might be asking a bit much of them,' indicated Lefty.

'But lads!' cried Flossie, 'My lucky lads! We can't pass this up. It's our big chance, the world is watching. Think of it, blogs of our own and nobody to stop us. We can do what we like. There could be ships to board, plunder to gain, buckles to be swashed and all in a safety conscious, non running environment. What could possibly count against it?'

'We've only got two named speaking parts,' whispered Lefty.

'Oh, good point!' said Flossie, 'I hadn't thought of that! Well there's an obvious solution to that one.

And indeed there was.

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