Monday, 29 November 2010

Some Basic Mathematics

'And so,' began Annie, 'if we have one very large cake and we add another very large cake, what do we have?'

Cyril waved his tail.

'Not enough cake?'

Annie herded towards him.

'Have you been looking in my answer book?' she asked.

Cyril shook his head.

'Hmm,' said Annie, 'well it's the right answer. I may have to make you cake monitor.'

And Cyril reluctantly agreed to take on the extra responsibility.

Annie was just about to ask a follow up question about sticky toffee pudding when Norma arrived.

'How's it going?' she asked.

'Very well thank you,' replied Annie, 'I thought a trial lesson might help me to get a better idea of what's involved.'

'Excellent!' said Norma,'although this might not be quite how it would actually be in reality.'

'Reality?' asked Annie.

'Another day,' replied Norma, 'the point is and I don't want to take you away from this but it's that time of year...and I need your help.'

'Of course,' replied Annie and she rang a little bell to end the lesson and then she and Norma and Geraldine wandered away together.

Which just left Cyril on his he ate the desk.

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