Monday, 15 November 2010

They're back!

'Hopeless!' muttered Captain Bill. 'Absolutely hopeless!'

'Well that was the general opinion,' agreed Norma, 'perhaps if you'd given the order to take down the sail?'

'Well I didn't see the island did I!' mooed Captain Bill.

'That's because you had your eyes closed,' replied Norma. 'Anyway are you going to get down from there?'

Captain Bill looked about him.

'Might need someone to lend a hoof,' he said.

'Well it will have to be me,' replied Norma, 'everyone else is busy.'


'Cyril said something about checking a delivery note,' replied Norma, 'and I've asked Annie to keep an eye on where Geraldine is going and Horace is writing a poem for you just in case Bertha does decide to kill you.'

'Hmm, I suppose she's blaming me for this?' said Captain Bill.'

'I think everyone is,'replied Norma, 'and it might be a good idea to avoid Bertha for a while...possibly until the end of the year.'

'I'd be happily consider next year as well,' offered Captain Bill.

And Norma said she'd pass on the idea to Bertha.

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