Saturday, 27 November 2010

What shall we do about Annie?

I'm just a bit worried about her,' said Norma.

'I'd be more worried for her students,' replied Captain Bill. 'Imagine your first day at school and finding that you've got her as a teacher!'

'I mean I know she means well,' continued Norma.

Captain Bill stopped walking and looked out over the sea.

'It's just a passing thing,' he said. 'Give it a couple of weeks and she'll be building fridges out of dandelions.....again!'

'Perhaps,' replied Norma, 'but I have a feeling she's serious about it.'

Captain Bill thought for a while.

'I'm not sure I could cope with that.'

'Well you might have to.' said Norma. 'Still I'll try and divert her for a bit...we'll need to pick out a Christmas tree soon.'

'Really?' asked Captain Bill.

'It's only a few weeks away now,' said Norma, 'I'll have to start wrapping presents soon.'

'Yesssssss,' replied Captain Bill,'....presents....erm....I'll see you later.'

And with that he ran off.

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