Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What's in a name?

250 crates!' exclaimed Captain Bill. '250 crates!'

'Cases,' corrected Cyril, '250 cases. Wine is sold in cases.'

'I don't care!' replied Captain Bill, 'what I really care about is the fact that they're all in my name!'

'Well they have to have a name,' said Cyril, 'people won't deliver them without a name. The chap at the chateau was quite clear about that.'

'But it's MY name!'

'Just looks better on paper,' replied Cyril, 'has a sort of calm aire of authority about it. You should be proud of it. If I had a name that looked that good I'd be using it all the time.'

'But you are using it all the time!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Just proves how good a name it is,' replied Cyril.

'And just how did you, we, I pay for all of it?'

Cyril looked puzzled.

'You know,' he replied, 'now you come to mention it...I'm not entirely sure I can recall.'

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