Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All wrapped up

'And I was just sooo impressed,' continued Captain Bill, 'I know that Norma means well but I really thought that you were doing something new and exciting with wrapping.'

'Mank moo!' replied Annie.

'Indeed!' said Captain Bill. 'The thing is people get used to doing things in one way and they stop looking for new ideas. It needs someone to come along and shake them up and I think you're the person to do it!'

'Mime mot more amout mat?' said Annie.

'No really!' replied Captain Bill. 'Which is when I found myself thinking that perhaps I could help you? Because after all, helping someone to wrap their presents is sort of like giving the presents a way.'

'Mo mit mizn't!' mooed Annie.

'Well pretty close to it!' replied Captain Bill, 'although obviously you'd still get most of the credit but we could put my name on the the corner...'from Annie...and Captain Bill' it would say.'

'My mate me mad mut mime mot mat mad!' mumbled Annie, who was now starting to chew her was through the paper.

'Well let's just agree that it's a possibility,' said Captain Bill, 'but really I need to be getting along, I'm down to help Horace...and you'll need to be finding Norma, it'll be a busy day need to mention the chat.'

And with that he hurried off.

'Geraldine dear,' said Annie, 'could you just?'

And Geraldine helped Annie to get herself free.