Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Almost Christmas...excitement building!

'When did it start?' asked Bertha.

'Early this morning,' replied Norma. 'The Christmas excitement alarm went off just after 3.30.'

'She's done very well this year.'

Norma nodded.

'Remember that year when she started in October and we had to tie her up in duvets and chain her down?'

'And she still vibrated clear across the island,' added Bertha.

'Just so long as she doesn't actually see any of her presents we should be fine,' continued Norma.

'We could stick her in front of Captain Bill,' suggested Bertha, 'there's no chance of her seeing any there.'

'Hmm, I'm not so sure,' replied Norma, 'I spoke to him this morning and he seemed very smug all of a sudden.'

'I'm not sure I approve of that!' mooed Bertha.

'It was a bit unsettling,' replied Norma, 'still for the moment I'm more concerned about Annie, she's heading towards the cliffs again.'

'I'll round up Cyril,' said Bertha, 'she can always bounce off him!'

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