Friday, 10 December 2010

At the top of her tree

'So is she planning to stay up there for the whole of Christmas?' asked Captain Bill.

'Oh no!' replied Norma. 'She just wanted to do it for a day or two.'

'And,' asked Captain Bill, '...and is that a haddock on a stick?'

'It's not a real one,' replied Norma.

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'Anyway, I've asked her to turn on the lights so she'll have to come down for that.'

'Fine!' said Captain Bill. 'Actually I was going to suggest, you know, maybe this year, we might do things a bit differently.'



'You've still not bought any Christmas presents have you?'

'I've made a start!'

'I know,' said Norma, 'Horace showed me...I looked possessed.'




And so it went on.

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